Last week, my sister came back from her maiden trip to a foreign locale. As expected, she was overjoyed and thrilled to the hilt. Her trip to scintillating Switzerland was one event in her life which she could not forget. And in order to preserve the memories of the cherished trip, she clicked and recorded countless pictures. After returning from the trip, she organized a family get together to share her experience. While all of us sat together to have a look at the pictures, something went awry with the camera.

The moment my sister inserted the memory card in her digital camera, it showed an error and rendered all the pictures inaccessible. We tried and inserted the card again in order to view pictures but failed miserably. Unfortunately, my sister did not even have a backup. Finally, after judging that it's a case of memory card corruption, we decided to hunt for a profitable picture recovery software.

Before going on with the story, I would, however, like to shed light on the uses of picture recovery utilities. These tools are designed to recover pictures in a variety of data loss situations cited below:

1. Storage media corruption
2. Read / write errors in the cameras
3. Accidental or intentional deletion
4. Accidental or intentional formatting
5. Virus attacks and many others

These applications penetrate the storage media and scan it thoroughly to recover pictures and other multimedia files such as audio, videos, etc. Moreover, these picture recover software are powerful enough to recoup pictures from corrupted or damaged storage media like memory cards, memory sticks, digital cameras, camcorders, hard drives, USBs and other removable media.

After convincing my sister that her pictures can be recovered, I searched intensively for a reliable and trusted software. A picture recovery is a comprehensive software which employs improved scanning algorithms in order to recover lost / deleted / formatted pictures and other multimedia files. Since it comes equipped with a simple graphical user interface, a novice can also use it efficiently. The software, which is available for both Windows and Mac users, recovers all picture formats (JPEG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, PNG etc) in three simple steps: select, scan and save.

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